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Gambling in Bulgaria

Gambling is a bet (of money, values, moral submission, etc.) on the likelihood of a future event coming out for profit or advantage, but with the potential to lose the bet.
The Law on Gambling defines all conditions for the organization of gambling on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

According to the Gambling Act:
  • Gambling is any game in which there is a wager and one can win or lose the bet. They are not considered to be gambling games with a prize pool for the participants in them, a large part of the entertaining games, as well as quizzes and games in which participants receive a cash prize for their knowledge or skills.
  • Gambling on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is organized and conducted only with the permission of the State Commission on Gambling. Organizing gambling without the appropriate permission is a crime within the meaning of the Penal Code.
Detailed information can be found on the website CiberCrime.
23 Apr 2024, 12:30:58