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Low-Cost VPS

Virtualization KVM. Locations: NL, BG
Included with every tariff
  • Outgoing SMTP is blocked
  • Backups &amp
  • Schedule Backups
  • Remote control via VNC console
  • Unlimited traffic
Questions & Answers
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VPS/VDS is a service of a shared hosting provider that rents a low-cost virtual server. VDS or VPS perfectly imitate the work of a real physical server: the client gets root access, can install its own operating system and software. Several independent virtual servers work in parallel on one physical server. This gives more freedom, the ability to maximize resources and optimize costs.

Tasks solved by cheap VPS servers

Virtual servers are a more advanced version of hosting, independent and self-sufficient. For example, if an online store or its neighbors on the same hosting increases traffic - the site may slow down and freeze. If a web resource is hosted on a VPS - it works smoothly, as virtualization technology provides strictly dedicated resources.
Contrary to its name, virtual servers run on real physical devices. These servers are located in data centers abroad. An individual server consisting of a certain number of processor cores, operating memory and SSD (or HDD) disk space is created virtually and leased to a client.

Advantages of cheap VPS

  • Ability to fine-tune.
  • Separate virtual environments for each user.
  • Independent choice of software and OS VPS (Linux, Windows), customization of the server for your needs.
  • Dedicated IP address.
  • A clearly defined amount of server resources that can be increased as needed.
  • Root access and any independent actions with the server - reboot, power on, power off.
  • High performance.
  • Affordability compared to a physical server. Renting a VPS server is as cheap as possible.

Disadvantages of Virtual Private Server

  • The cost of the service is slightly higher than shared hosting.
  • Requires system administration skills to configure the server.
  • More complex setup compared to shared hosting.
  • Professional support is needed to deal with complex issues.

Advantages of renting a low-cost VPS from EuroHoster

  • Unlimited traffic volume in each tariff.
  • Reliable uninterrupted data centers in the Netherlands and Bulgaria.
  • Fast web loading times due to proximity to your overseas visitors.
  • Affordable price, starting at 5 euros per month.
  • One dedicated IP address, expandable up to 5 addresses.
  • Scaling resources at any time.
  • Responsive technical support 24/7.
If you buy an inexpensive VPS from EuroHoster, you will find a reliable price-quality solution.

Client's Reviews

We rented an inexpensive virtual server from EuroHoster, which is much more favorable than buying the necessary hardware. The only disadvantage was that we had to hire a specialist to set everything up. But now it works without any problems.

Despite the low price for a virtual server at EuroHoster, the quality of services remains high. At the same time, each tariff has unlimited traffic, and the tariff can be tailored to your needs.

EuroHoster offers a wide range of virtual server rental services. And this is their main plus. After all, I was able to rent the most affordable version of the virtual server VPS, set up everything myself through root rights, put the system and software. In general, I set up everything myself and have been using it for several months without any problems.

I have been working with EuroHoster for quite a long time. During this time I have changed several jobs and I recommend to all employers to use virtual servers from EuroHoster. I rented a small VPS server for a minimal price. Manual configuration is required, but everything works perfectly. But the main advantage is that they care about the security of their clients, so I have never had any hacking or data loss.

The advantages of renting an inexpensive server from EuroHoster became clear at once. But it is worth noting the professional 24/7 support service, the ability to expand to five IP addresses, and the incredibly low price.

We ordered a low-cost VPS virtual server with root access from EuroHoster. So we installed the necessary software ourselves. The price is super low and the system works fast and without any problems. At the same time, we received as many resources as promised.