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Partnership Program

EuroHoster web hosting company provides its customers (and not only) with the chance to earn some extra money. For this purpose, we have developed a profitable partnership program. All you have to do is bring the customer through the referral link and you will have the opportunity to receive a future reward without any time limit.

Terms of the EuroHoster Partnership Program

Our partnership program is currently one of the most attractive on the market:
  • you receive a commission for each payment made by the customer who has gained accessed through your link;
  • to withdraw your funds, you need to accumulate a minimum of 10 EUR in your personal account;
  • the funds are transferred once a month;
  • since visitors who have gone through your link are tracked by a cookie, they don’t need to order the services immediately - the information is stored for up to 90 days.
  • it is forbidden to use in Google Ads, Microsoft Ads

Partnership Awards

Each EuroHoster customer has the right to receive the same commission depending on the services ordered by his client:
  • for virtual servers (VPS) - 10%
  • for dedicated servers - 3%
  • for domains - 10%
  • for SSL certificates - 10%

Conditions for participating in our partnership program

Payments are made 30 days after a payment is made by the client. The connected service must be active during this entire time. If we chase any traces of fraud by the client or if he refuses the service, the funds will not be paid.
You are obliged to make the payment order yourself. To do this, go to the Partnership menu.

Who is the EuroHoster Partnership Program for?

Anyone can participate in our affiliate program. It can be especially interesting for:
  • owners of bogs with similar topics (computers, hosting, networks, digital technologies, gadgets, SEO, web design, etc.);
  • web studio owners and freelancers who develop and promote online resources;
  • active participants in thematic forums and various online communities;
  • group owners on Facebook, VK and other social networks.

Many of our clients are already personally convinced of the advantages of using the hosting services of our company and they recommend it to their friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. No need to worry, because the cost of services for them, with or without affiliate program, does not change.

You can also write a review about the work of our company (what you liked, how the technical support works, what are its functionalities and any other comments you might have) and post it on a forum or a blog. Objectivity is always appreciated because customers tend to trust and appreciate such information above all.

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