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Intellectual Property in Bulgaria

Intellectual property is a term that covers a range of intangible assets resulting from human knowledge and ideas that are protected by law.
The term covers the areas:
  1. Industrial property
  2. Artistic property
  3. All new and future intellectual property (such as biotechnology)
In Bulgaria, the main normative acts in force in this regard are the "Law on Patents" and the "Law on Copyright and Related Rights".
The object of copyright is any work of literature, art and science that is the result of creative activity and is expressed in any way and in any objective form, such as:
  1. literary works, including works of scientific and technical literature, journalism and computer programs;
  2. musical works;
  3. stage works - dramatic, musical-dramatic, pantomime, choreographic and others;
  4. films and other audio-visual works;
  5. works of fine art, including works of applied art, design and folk arts and crafts;
  6. works of architecture;
  7. photographic works and works created in a manner analogous to photography;
  8. projects, maps, schemes, plans and others relating to architecture, territorial planning, geography, topography, museum work and any field of science and technology;
  9. graphic layout of a printed publication;
  10. cadastral maps and state topographic maps.
The following are also subject to copyright:
  1. translations and adaptations of existing works and folklore works;
  2. arrangements of musical works and folk works;
  3. periodicals, encyclopedias, anthologies, anthologies, bibliographies, databases, and the like that include two or more works or materials.
Subject matter of copyright can also be a part of a work, as well as preparatory sketches, plans and the like.
Not subject to copyright:
  1. normative and individual acts of state management bodies, as well as their official translations;
  2. ideas and concepts;
  3. folklore works;
  4. news, facts, information and data.
The author has the exclusive right to use the work created by him and to allow its use by other persons, except in cases where the law provides otherwise.
Detailed information can be found on the website CiberCrime.
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