How to configure Outline VPN server on your VPS?

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Using this article you can setup the Outline VPN server on your virtual server.

We recommended to use OS Debian 11.


  • First need to login into the VPS via SSH.
  • Run the command:
    bash <(wget -4 -qO-
  • Enter y for the question about docker.
  • Copy the apiUrl link and run the next command:
    curl -sk -X POST apiURL/access-keys​
    where you need replace apiURL with your link (see our video tutorial).
  • You can repeat this command to create more clients.
  • You can find the apiURL link if you forgot it using the command:
    grep api /opt/outline/access.txt​
  • The received key need to add to the Outline VPN client.

Strongly recommend you to see our video tutorial before starting the work on your VPS.

Outline VPN clients can be downloaded here:

You can check your IP after VPN activation on the following page:

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