How to use Linux server? SSH connect.

The SSH access will be provided for the Linux server. SSH stands for Secure Shell.

You need to have some SSH client.

For Windows example it can be Putty. It can be downloaded from the official website. Install and open this client.

PuTTY's user interface has a Host Name / IP address section which is where we would type in the details of the machine that we wish to SSH into. Enter the IP address of the server into this field and click "Open". Answer "Yes" if prompted to confirm your connection. If this is the first time connecting to that system, you will be asked. You will now be connected to the remote system.

Enter your username (usually root) and password as prompted. The password is not echoed to the screen, this is normal behavior and is a security feature. Then click button Enter.

When finished with the SSH session, type exit and press Enter or simply close the window.

This is a short animated video instruction (click on the picture):

SSH Access

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