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What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a virtual server located on a single physical machine. The abbreviation VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.
The main difference between VPS and popular shared hosting is that with VPS you do not share resources with other users. It is a flexible, scalable and affordable hosting solution that can meet the needs of almost any customer.
What is specific about VPS hosting is that one server is divided into several virtual machines or for short called VM. Each VM has its own server software, which makes it capable of running independently.
One of the main reasons to choose VPS hosting is when you need access to the server operating system or you have specific requirements for server resources that can be changed at any time. With VPS, customers have the freedom to configure resources according to the specifics of their business, as well as to reduce or increase them at any time.
You do not need to have very serious knowledge to manage and operate your VPS. The EuroHoster support will always help you.
23 Apr 2024, 18:53:35