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VAT number & VAT Charge

We are required to collect VAT charges from the EU customers based on the information you make available to us. During the order process in our web-site the price may change depending on the country or VAT information you deliver to us. 
You have to register in our web-site to see your final pricing in the cart summary. Note: Without registration the cart summary will always show without VAT.
How we calculate VAT charges?
European Union (EU) customers:
  • Businesses (taxable person): Your company will not be charged VAT if you register with your VAT registration number (exception: businesses located in Bulgaria will always be charged 20% VAT).
  • Consumers (non-taxable person): Services will always be taxed in the country where you as a non-VAT registered person belong to (and not where the business providing the services for you). Prices will include VAT at the rate applicable in your country.
Non-European Union (EU) customers:
  • Businesses (taxable person): No VAT will be applicable.
  • Consumers (non-taxable person): No VAT will be applicable.
23 Apr 2024, 17:48:47