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What is domain Transfer

To perform a domain name transfer, you need to contact your current domain registrar and apply for a domain transfer (transfer) to another registrar. At the same time, it is necessary to remove protection/blocking for the transfer from the domain, if any, open contact information and receive a secret code for the transfer operation.
The domain transfer procedure consists of several points:
  • confirmation by Email from the current registrar. The domain registrar may send you a link to confirm the transfer or a link to cancel the transfer. In the first case, the transfer process may take only a few hours. And in the second case, the transfer will be completed only after 5 days, unless the transfer is canceled using the link.
  • email confirmation from the new registrar (not always sent)
  • the transfer itself, the duration of which can be up to 5 calendar days

Please note that the email of the current registrar and the new one may differ. Letters are sent to the email address of the administrator to whom the domain is registered, and to the email address that you specified as an administrator when making the transfer.
03 May 2024, 15:41:49