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What is Phishing and how to protect yourself from it

Could this be another complicated word related to the Internet?
It is a widely used ploy by computer criminals to obtain important information.
They simply create a message or website that "pretends" to be benign, asking you to enter important personal information.
This phenomenon is called "phishing" ("phishing" comes from the word "fishing") because the emails that are sent out look like "fishing lines." The scammers hope that some of the recipients, out of inexperience and ignorance, will "fall for the fishing line" and respond to them.
In phishing, scammers send emails claiming to come from a reputable company and attempt to convince the recipient to provide important personal or financial information. The email usually asks the recipient to send it back or enter it on a linked website. This data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card numbers, is then used by the scammers to obtain money or services on behalf of the victim.
More information can be found on the CiberCrime website.
23 Apr 2024, 15:36:45