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Why is Email validation necessary?

Validation of the client's Email address is performed to prevent emails from being sent to the wrong email account in case of typing errors. But some emails are sent even if the client has not validated his email yet. This is the part of emails that the client is obliged to receive for security reasons.
In addition to validation, there is another parameter that affects the sending of some emails. This is a Newsletter Subscription that you can enable in your profile. And you can turn it off either in your profile or from the email itself by clicking the Newsletter Unsubscribe.

НBelow are examples of emails that are being sent or not being sent:
Unvalidated EmailValidated EmailNewsletter Subscription
Creating a new accountYesYesNot checking
Login credentials changingNoYesNot checking
Password reset requestYesYesNot checking
Password reset completedNoYesNot checking
Payment reminderNoYesNot checking
Advance notice of destroyNoYesNot checking
Service activationYesYesNot checking
Suspension notificationNoYesNot checking
Service renewal and invoiceNoYesNot checking
Sales and technical ticketNoYesNot checking
Abuse ticketYesYesNot checking
03 Jun 2024, 19:48:40