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Creation and processing of invoices

Payment invoices are created depending on the selected payment period for the service. More detailed information can be seen in the table below.
Payment periodInvoice creation, days to suspensionAdditional notice, days to suspension
1 month10 days before2 days before
3 months15 days before6 days before
6 months30 days before12 days before
12 months60 days before24 days before
24 months60 days before24 days before
36 months60 days before24 days before

For clarity, let's look at an example.
If the paid period of service from April 19 to May 18, the invoice will be created on May 9. And the service will be suspended on May 19 at 00:00.

However, you can also extend the service in advance, before automatic invoicing. You can create an invoice for renewal on the page of the service. You can also select the service renewal period in the same menu (for VPS only).
11 May 2024, 18:20:48