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What you can use VPS for

In the information sphere, there is sometimes confusion between the terms "hosting" and "server", which, despite their similarity, have different meanings. Hosting is a general term, a service for allocating space on a web server (physical machine).

What is a VPS server (Virtual Private Server)?

To answer this question, let's compare three hosting options.

Option 1 - Virtual (shared) hosting

The simplest and most affordable solution, where one physical server supports the work of several users. All its resources (CPU power, operating memory, network interface) are evenly distributed between accounts, which can lead to low site response speed under high load. Users have limited opportunities for flexible configurations of the system to meet their needs.

Option 2 - Dedicated physical server

The client receives a separate car at his disposal. The advantages of this approach are obvious, but the price for the service is quite high.

Option 3 - VPS or Golden Mean

VPS or VDS hosting (which is essentially the same thing) is a virtual server - guaranteed hardware resources and administrative authority. It allows you to customize the system to your needs, and is not as expensive as a dedicated physical server.

VPS and VDS - what is the difference

In the English-speaking environment, Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server are synonyms for a server running in a virtual environment. Some providers classify VPS and VDS by different types of virtualization, which is again incorrect, as the two names are completely interchangeable.

VPS service - simply about complicated things

The same physical server can run several VPSs that are 100% isolated from each other and do not use shared capacity. How to configure these servers and what to do with them depends entirely on the clients who rent the VPS.

Advantages of VPS

  • Self-installation of any software, including the operating system.
  • Any number of websites, databases, domains, FTP accounts and other resources can be deployed.
  • Maximum flexibility in configuring the system and optimizing resources for the specific requirements of your project.
  • Use of a dedicated IP address.
  • Convenient and fast solutions for creating backups and transferring information during site migration.

How you can use VPS

VPSs provide a wide range of options for a multitude of practical tasks.


VPS is often used for shared hosting of websites because the space on the virtual servers does not have to be shared with other users, which provides high security.
VPS maintains optimal performance even in case of a sudden load spike. The redundancy of a dedicated IP address has a positive impact on security and search engine rankings.
Full administrative access allows you to optimize the parameters for the requirements of a particular resource. Scaling is also not a problem.
Another advantage of using VPS for websites is the ability to effectively use Yandex turbo pages

For development and testing

Program development is a complex and multifaceted process that requires active participation of several specialists. Currently, a very popular standard for collaboration in IT has become the use of remote work with a version control system installed on a high-power virtual server. Remote collaboration allows the team to share information efficiently. Each specialist can access the project and its files at any convenient time, regardless of location.

For VPN servers

VPN plays an important role in securing information when using unsecured connections to the Internet over public WiFi. VPN technology encrypts the data stream. If an attempt is made to intercept information, the VPN breaks the connection.

For remote desktops

A reliable and convenient solution for relocations, equipment wear and tear, power outages, data loss and slow internet. The system allows you to work anywhere in the world using different devices. It is suitable for organizing teamwork. By providing access to RDP, you can outsource your work, collaborate with collegues or demonstrate your work to customers.

For Forex traders

Why do you need a VPS in the sphere of modern stock trading? It provides continuous access to popular trading systems-advisors, allowing you to fully automate exchange operations and manage analytical processes.
Powerful exchange programs running on virtual servers continuously monitor open positions without the need for personal presence of the trader. VPS rarely fail, do not or lose connection to the Internet, you can connect to trading at any convenient time and from any place where there is an Internet connection.

For "1C" products

Deployment of 1C computer programs eliminates the need to install a separate physical server. It is only necessary to provide stable access to the Internet.

For game servers

Renting "virtual" analogs of physical servers is an economical solution that does not require spending on expensive equipment. VPS provides all the necessary conditions for hosting games: a stable Internet channel, powerful equipment, high availability, protection from DDoS attacks.

For email servers

Mail server on VPS is an ideal tool for working with email clients. It provides 100% manageability and security of personal data. Unlike cloud SaaS solutions, you can customize the user interface and functionality at your discretion. The automatic copying function helps to eliminate the loss of important data.

For proxy servers

A proxy is a software tool that allows you to bypass direct connection to network resources and make it anonymous. It is useful when it is necessary to be active in social networks from different accounts, to bypass geographical restrictions or to avoid personal blocking on a resource.
Also if a proxy server speeds up connection to foreign resources and does not allow attackers to send malicious programs to your IP, carry out intrusions or steal personal data.

For IP telephony

Using a cloud PBX based on VPS is a rational and progressive solution for those who are looking for an inexpensive and reliable telephony management system. Unlike third-party cloud services, your own server allows you to create and configure any number of internal numbers, as well as fully control the flow of information.

For video surveillance

Why do you need a VPS in a 24/7 video surveillance system?
  • Economy on the purchase of specialized equipment, as the entire system is hosted on a virtual server.
  • The process of data collection is fully automated, which allows for uninterrupted work around the clock without operator involvement.
  • Video storage on an isolated VPS provides high confidentiality of data, the archive is available from anywhere in the world.
  • The capacity of the virtual servers can be smoothly increased.

For educational institutions

VPS ensures uninterrupted availability, high download speeds, information retention and personal data security. In addition, VPS resources can be successfully applied to the learning process itself.

To control "smart things"

All data from the IoT fleet is collected, processed and analyzed inside a "virtual network" (VPN) based on an enterprise VDS. A management platform can be installed to provide secure access and monitoring of devices, as well as regular software updates.

For your personal archive

Storing a large archive of music, photos, videos and software in the cloud does not guarantee privacy. With VPS, the user gets the most secure storage of large size.

Recommendations for choosing and using a VPS

It is necessary to take into account the requirements of a particular site or application, especially if they are resource-intensive or carry a lot of traffic. When planning the development of the project, consider the possibility of scaling server resources.

How to choose a VPS by signs of "quality"

  • Technical support works around the clock through a variety of network links; it is characterized by fast response to tickets and requests.
  • High protection against DDos attacks is provided.
  • The provider regularly updates the software used.
  • High channel bandwidth.
  • Virtualization based on hypervisor ensures reliability and stability of each of the virtual servers, as they are strictly isolated from each other.
  • Root-access to virtual servers is provided.
  • Adequate price to quality ratio.


VPS hosting is an effective solution for various tasks, from personal needs to corporate projects. For full-fledged work with VPS it is desirable to have administrative skills, but on the web you can find detailed step-by-step instructions that will help you quickly learn how to set up VPS.
23 Apr 2024, 19:01:11