Windows Storage VPS

Virtualization KVM. Location: Netherlands.
  • Win L

    From €11.00/mo
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    • 1 x vCPU up to 8
      2 GB RAM up to 32
      500 GB HDD up to 3TB
      100 Mbit/s up to 300
      1 IP up to 5
      unlimited traffic

      Naaldwijk, Netherlands
  • Win XL

    From €22.00/mo
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    • 2 x vCPU up to 8
      4 GB RAM up to 32
      1 TB HDD up to 3TB
      100 Mbit/s up to 300
      1 IP up to 5
      unlimited traffic

      Naaldwijk, Netherlands
  • Win XXL

    From €44.00/mo
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    • 4 x vCPU up to 8
      8 GB RAM up to 32
      2 TB HDD up to 3TB
      100 Mbit/s up to 300
      1 IP up to 5
      unlimited traffic

      Naaldwijk, Netherlands
Included With Every Plan
  • Backup not available

Rent a VPS server in the Netherlands

The traditional way of creating remote servers is being replaced by a more modern technology - VPS. Virtual Private Server is a unique service that you can use by contacting EuroHoster. This is a separate server, which is not much different from a traditional physical one. The user is allocated RAM, a certain disk space, as well as processor power.

VPS features

Thanks to the features of the architectural construction, the user receives the following benefits:
- root access. When renting a server, the user has administrator rights, which means that he can install any software, change settings, access rights to ports. Thus, the system can be customized to the needs of a particular project;
- availability of IP-address, firewall, routing. This makes the VPS almost indistinguishable from a physical server.

Of course, a virtual personal server also has some disadvantages. Firstly, it costs more to rent than regular shared hosting. However, EuroHoster strives to make this difference negligible. Secondly, VPS needs administration. This requires special knowledge. We offer our customers a convenient and understandable control panel, which makes it easier for them to perform a lot of typical tasks.

Personal servers from "EuroHoster"

Our company offers to rent VPS in the Netherlands. The legislation here is the most loyal, when compared with the legislation of other European countries. The geographical location is also very convenient, which ensures excellent connectivity with traffic consumers.

VPS in the Netherlands is perfect for:
- legal placement of a site with adult content;
- large online stores;
- developed corporate sites.

By renting a VPS from EuroHoster, you get:
- productive scalable server. You can choose from three packages, each of which also includes a DNS manager;
- Strong customer support. The technical support service works around the clock. Specialists will quickly solve any of your problems.

Do you want to rent an inexpensive personal server? Contact EuroHoster!

You can check the access speed using Looking Glass.

* the processor may differ from the one assigned on the site.