Why WireGuard VPN?

WireGuard is an easy to set up, fast and secure VPN that uses state of the art cryptography.

Most other solutions, such as IPsec and OpenVPN, were developed decades ago and have a relatively slow performance with a fairly complex configuration.

The WireGuard client was originally developed for Linux, but is now available for any operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS). At the same time, its development continues at full speed, which ensures a quick response to vulnerabilities and application problems.

In WireGuard, user data is protected using modern cryptographic types: Curve25519 for key exchange, ChaCha20 for encryption, Poly1305 for data authentication, SipHash for hash keys and BLAKE2 for hashing.

The process of crypto-routing (Crypto Routing) allows you to provide the user at the exit from the interface traffic, the degree of trust in which can reach 100%, and also provides high security and performance.

Our team is ready to quickly set up a secure VPN WireGuard on your VPS. You will be provided with a QR code to add the configuration to your mobile phone, as well as a configuration file to add to the PC client.

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