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DDoS protection in Naaldwijk, Netherlands

A single DDoS attack can cripple your business for hours or even days. Dedicated servers in Naaldwijk with scalable DDoS Shield will protect your business. Backed by our massive 10 Tbit/s high bandwidth network.
40 Gbit/s anti-DDoS included with all servers.

Scalable DDoS mitigation: multi-tiered intelligent clustering

Equipped with the latest clustering techniques, DDoS Shield allows to adapt to evolving requirements. Featuring smart clustering algorithms and a multi-tiered approach, these sophisticated techniques also provide for ultimate redundancy and an elastic DDoS mitigation approach.

DDoS monitoring: real-time analysis 24/7

Monitored 24/7 by our Security Operations Center, DDoS Shield ensures that your traffic is automatically analyzed against the latest DDoS attack policies and patterns. Our proactive, real-time monitoring capabilities detect and effectively eliminate high volume attacks. When you’re under DDoS attack, DDoS Shield separates clean traffic while rerouting the attack to our DDoS scrubbing center.
28 Apr 2024, 13:17:02