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Why should I choose EuroHoster? Why did our clients choose EuroHoster over other hosting companies offering dedicated and virtual server rentals? Why do our clients recommend us to their business partners and friends?

Without aggressive advertising campaigns, dumping, and large investments in PR, we managed to achieve the most important goal of all - our clients' trust. And it is all because we conscientiously solve the three main problems that 99% of users encounter.

Dedicated and virtual servers work exactly as it is promised in the service plans. We do not practice artificial transfers to more expensive rates and we do not seek to milk our clients for all their worth.

We do not lose interest in our client as soon as the money is paid for VPS or dedicated servers. Our specialists firmly believe that live tech support is when you get help if not immediately, then very quickly. We do not evade the issue, but help with specific actions. By the way, basic administration is included in all VPS hosting package rates.

Your websites are safe with us! EuroHoster is a premium partner of Datadock (France), Digital Realty (USA), Greenhouse (Netherlands), Serverius (Netherlands) and Telepoint (Bulgaria) data centers. What does that mean? At the very least, it means you will get a multi-level protection in accordance with international standards, latest-generation equipment, and consistently high working speed of your websites.

We are not accustomed to make bold statements, but we do have to say that we, at EuroHoster, understand how important your website is to you, and we will do everything we can to ensure that our dedicated or virtual servers are the best solution for you: pay and forget until the next payment.

Dedicated and virtual servers for any purpose

We are ready to provide fast VPS SSD and dedicated servers for company websites, online stores, or portals, as well as for large media projects. We will help and advise you, and we will suggest the best configuration parameters. If eventually you decide to change the rate, it can be done automatically for the VPS, with only a few clicks.

Also, we provide the opportunity to rent dedicated servers with guaranteed bandwidth of 40 Gbit/s - a great solution for high-speed enthusiasts.

EuroHoster clients benefit in many respects, and you have the opportunity to see it for yourself!


May 1st Servers of the Month in May

Newest, cheap and powerful servers of the Month in May are:

  • Ryzen Pro 1700x / 8 x 3.4 GHz / 32 GB RAM DDR4 / 2 x 1 TB HDD or 2 x 120 GB SSD / 300 Mbps / Germany - 48 EUR
  • Xeon E-2136 / 6 x 3.3 GHz / 32 GB RAM DDR4 ECC / 2 x 2 TB HDD or 2 x 240 GB SSD / 300 Gbps / Germany - 69 EUR

Apr 25th Discount 50% for VPS in Miami

Only this spring, discount 50% for virtual servers in Miami, Florida, US. 1 vCPU / 1 GB RAM / 10 GB SSD / 100 Mbps - just 3.00 EUR 2 vCPU / 2 GB RAM / 20 GB SSD / 100 Mbps - just 6.00 EUR 3 vCPU / 3 GB RAM / 40 GB SSD / 100 Mbps - just 10.00 EUR Use promo code: Miami2019 The discount is valid for the first month of rent only. Read More »