Innovation Day 2022

  • Tuesday, 15th February, 2022
  • 11:53am

In the rapidly developing world of information technology, we at EuroHoster try to keep up with the times and provide our customers with the latest hardware configurations at the most favorable conditions.

Also, we do not forget to congratulate our clients on significant dates in IT and the holidays of the "Muggle" world, while creating even better conditions for cooperation.

And this time we would like to congratulate you on the Innovation Day and support the development of your projects. Namely, on February 16, Innovation Day, you can order a dedicated server in the Netherlands with a 30% discount using the promo code INNOVATION, as well as VPS in any location with a 70% discount using the promo code INNOVATIONVPS. A great reason to think about an upgrade!

The promotion is valid for only 1 day and applies to the first month of rent. But if you did not have time to take advantage of the advantageous offer on the 16th, it does not matter, until February 18 you can take advantage of the offer for Valentine's Day.