Hosting Services Agreement EUROHOSTER Ltd.

Terms of Use

1. It is prohibited to

1.1. Send spam and host applications that can be used for sending spam, as well as the arrangement of sites that provide similar services;
1.2. Host pirate and/or malicious software, application serial numbers, software hacking tools, and links to other websites with similar content;
1.3. Host viruses, exploits, botnets, and links to other websites with similar content;
1.4. Host scripts aimed at obtaining unauthorized access to other external resources;
1.5. Use our technical capabilities to organize DoS attacks, network scanning, flood attacks;
1.6. Host zoophilia and child pornography content;
1.7. Host copyright infringing content;
1.8. Host content that promotes cruelty, violence, war, racial or religious hatred;
1.9. Host financial pyramid schemes;
1.10. Distribute and/or advertise illicit substances;
1.11. Host fraudulent information;
1.12. Use our servers to host publicly accessible private information about a person without their consent;
1.13. Host other illegal content that violates the law of the country hosting the server;
1.14. Host other illegal content that violates international law;
1.15. Host any pornographic materials for servers located in Bulgaria;
1.16. Register multiple accounts from one person, as well as register an account for fictitious data.

2. Resource Usage

2.1. The leased server must not generate a high network load (incoming or outgoing) that can result in neighboring server availability problems.
2.2. The leased virtual server must not create a high disk load that can result in deterioration of the response of the disk subsystem on all virtual servers in the node.
2.3. The client is fully responsible for the software they install, as well as any content hosted on a leased server.
2.4. Use of VPN is allowed only for personal purposes.
2.5. Virtual servers are not intended for video streaming and public file hosting.

3. Violation of the Agreement

3.1. Upon detection of a violation of the Agreement, the client is sent a notice with a specified deadline for elimination of the incident.
3.2. The leased server will be blocked if repeated complaints concerning the same violation will be received.
3.3. In some cases, the server might be blocked without prior notice (determined individually for each situation).
3.4. EUROHOSTER Ltd. has the right to refuse the provision of services for multiple violations of the Hosting Services Agreement.

4. Disclaimer

4.1. EUROHOSTER Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any and all lost profits, or other losses incurred as a result of:
4.1.1. failure or unavailability of your server for technical reasons;
4.1.2. the suspension of your server;
4.1.3. due to malicious acts of third parties.
4.2. Appeals to the Technical Support from e-mail addresses not registered in the system are not prioritized and are not mandatory for consideration.
4.3. EUROHOSTER Ltd. does not take part in disputes with third parties.
4.4. EUROHOSTER Ltd. assumes no responsibility for data loss and does not monitor the status of hard drives and RAID arrays on dedicated servers. The client themselves should observe the condition of the server hardware.
4.5. EUROHOSTER Ltd. does not create backups on virtual servers; it is the responsibility of the client.
4.6. Server access shall be immediately blocked upon violation of paragraphs 1.1-1.6 of the Agreement. Issuance of files from these servers is impossible.
4.7. If a violation of clause 1.16 of the Agreement is found, the accounts, and the services assigned to them, will be blocked until the issue will be resolved.

5. Removing Servers

5.1. In case of non-payment, dedicated servers operating system shall be reset in 24 hours after the shutdown.
5.2. In case of non-payment of bills by the client for more than 25 days, VPS shall be removed.

6. Refunds

6.1. Upon cancellation of services or request for refund a credit balance, a refund for the unused period is carried out:
6.1.1. for payment through WebMoney, PayPal, Bitpay or 2CheckOut within one business day;
6.1.2. for payment through Wallet One can be refunded only through WebMoney, PayPal, Bitpay or Bank Swift;
6.1.3. for payment through Bank Swift within one week.
6.2. Refunds for payments made by wire transfer are transferred to the same account as entered in the payment. 5% commission shall be deducted from the payment.
6.3. Refund shall not be applicable upon violation of paragraphs 1.1-1.6, 2.1 - 2.2 of the Agreement.
6.4. The minimum server rental term equals to one month. Funds are subject to return only for the next reporting period (next month).
6.5. Refund shall be subject to recalculation of monthly rates of all the previous months in case the selected billing cycle is more than one month.
6.6. No refund shall be made in case of service blocking due to violation of the Agreement.
6.7. The server shall be turned off immediately after the refund is made to the client.
6.8. All services purchased with a discount shall not be subject to refund.

7. Late Payment Fee

7.1. In the case of delayed payment, a fee constituting 10% of the cost of services shall be added to the overdue account.

8. Technical Support Obligations

8.1. React to server performance issues.
8.2. Provide clients with technical support regarding the service.
8.3. Advise clients about the server settings and the software installed on it.
8.4. The Technical Support shall not:
8.4.1. install and configure scripts. In this case, the Technical Support will provide answers that are purely advisory in nature;
8.4.2. provide technical support to individuals who are not clients of EUROHOSTER Ltd.;
8.4.3. provide training for working with the software;
8.4.4. answer questions not directly related to the obligations of the Technical Support.
8.5. Provide basic administration free of charge.
8.6. If the client is disrespectful and rude, the Technical Support has the right to leave questions unanswered and/or to refuse service.

9. Basic Administration for VPS and Dedicated Servers

9.1. Basic administration includes:
9.1.1. initial installation, reinstallation and configuration of the operating system;
9.1.2. OS update;
9.1.3. installation of the control panel;
9.1.4. installation and configuration of basic services (nginx, apache, mysql, php, postfix, proftpd, bind);
9.1.5. installation of additional software (ffmpeg, mp4box, memcached, mongo, openvpn etc.);
9.1.6. assistance and advice in diagnosing and solving performance issues of basic services;
9.1.7. basic optimization of the services;
9.1.8. transferring websites from other servers;
9.1.9. backup configuration;
9.1.10. antivirus scan of the system.
9.2. All problems are addressed upon the client's inquiry in the order of submission and the order of priority.
9.3. Administered operating systems: Linux and FreeBSD.
9.4. Inquiries are accepted via ticket system or e-mail, specified in the billing section.
9.5. ISPsystem, cPanel, DirectAdmin products are administration only when acquiring the license through us.
9.6. Tasks not included in the basic administration service shall be performed for a fee at the rate of $10 per hour.
9.7. Administration is not available in tariff plans Mini VPS.
9.8. The free base administration may be denied if the configuration of the system was carried out not by our staff.

10. Promotional services

10.1. Promotional services not intended for the transfer of the current existing services of the same type.
10.2. Validity of special prices indicated in the service itself or in a news announcement.
10.3. It is forbidden to create several accounts to obtain more products at special prices.
10.4. In case of violation of paragraphs 10.1 or 10.3 of the Agreement the discount can be canceled and the total cost installed of the service.

11. Other points not listed in the Agreement shall be governed by the knowledge base and the current legislation.

12. All data, such as client's personal information, correspondence between clients and the Technical Support, are strictly confidential and cannot be transferred to third parties, except as required by law.

13. By agreeing to these rules, the client agrees not to participate in any legal proceedings or claims against EUROHOSTER Ltd.

14. The Agreement is subject to change by EUROHOSTER Ltd. in its sole discretion with or without prior notice.

Latest revision 07.10.2017

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