Plesk - a modern panel for a successful future

  • Beautiful, intuitive and multilingual interface for managing web applications and sites. Plesk Main Page
  • Ability to generate Let's Encrypt SSL certificate immediately when adding a domain. Plesk Add Domain
  • In the hosting settings, you can select the version of PHP, SSL certificate, redirect to HTTPS, PHP mode and more. Plesk Hosting Settings
  • The main PHP parameters are set from the panel itself in PHP Settings. Plesk PHP Settings
  • In Apache and Nginx Settings you can easily set additional headers, control the return of static files, and enable caching on the Nginx side.
    Plesk Apache && Nginx Settings Plesk Apache && Nginx Settings 2
  • Installing the right version of CMS is easy from Applications. Plesk Applications
  • Excellent file manager. Plesk Code Editor
  • The convenient code editor with syntax highlighting allows you to view and edit your code with frivolity. Plesk Code Editor
  • First-class menu for viewing logs. Plesk Logs
  • And Advisor will tell you exactly what safety points are worth paying attention to. Plesk Advisor
  • The Monitoring Status will show you not only the consumption of resources in general, but also separately by service. Plesk Server Health
  • Strong site and server protection. Much attention is paid to the issue of security for the OS, network and applications, developed by class-leading security experts. In addition to the security features introduced into the panel, the administrator can control Firewall, Fail2Ban, backup, set various security policies. Plesk Server Security