We can offer the following discounts to our merchants, as well as large clients, depending on the number of servers leased:

  • Level 1 - min. 3 dedicated servers or 6 VPS - 3% discount
  • Level 2 - min. 5 dedicated servers or 10 VPS - 5% discount
  • Level 3 - min. 7 dedicated servers or 14 VPS - 7% discount
  • Level 4 - min. 10 dedicated servers or 20 VPS - 10% discount

The discount applies to all bills and payments for all services. No matter when a service is ordered, it places the customer in a special group of people who receive a discount.

In order to receive reseller status, you must have the minimum number of orders described above and contact the Sales Department.

Reseller services are shown at a standard price and the discount is visible on the service invoice.

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