Installing the SSL certificate of RapidSSL in ISPmanager

The configuration link will be send to your email after the order an SSL certificate will be paid. You can also find the certificate configuration in the menu Domains / SSL -> Manage SSL Certificates -> Configure.

Pperforming the configuration also need to fill in the following fields:

  1. Web Server Type. When you use a control panel ISPmanager (4 or 5 version), VestaCP, and in other ways when you use Nginx or Apache you need to choose Other (located at the end of the list).
  2. CSR. How to create a CSR in ISPmanager 5 you can read below.

Need to open 
SSL-certificates, in menu and then click Request (CSR).

Then on the same page need to click Create and fill in all the necessary data in the form that appears.

For the created request, click the "Information" button to see the CSR.

Insert this CSR via the certificate configuration link, which was originally passed. All data is filled in Latin.
Select the "Type of request" Other.
Select Email, on which we wish to receive the letters: verification and certificate itself. Mailbox should 
exist already!

After receiving the letter, that comes almost immediately, click on the link below the text "View the order details and complete the request here (link is valid for 30 days)". Press the button 
Approve on the opened site.

The next letter will be received after the order will be approved. You can find the certificate all all needed instructions in it.  The order verification can be delayed for several hours sometimes. Please, be patient.

Certificate installation instructions on the Web Server Nginx.

The root certificates can be downloaded here. Need to download Immediate CA для SHA-2 Intermediate CAs (under SHA-1 Root) for RapidSSL.

Confirm the certificate request into ISPmanager.  The Root certificate need to put into SSL certificate chain.

Then need to select www-domains, select the needed domain, enable the SSL and select the created certificate.

Congratulations! Installation completed!

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