Basic Administration for VPS and Dedicated Servers

11. Basic Administration for VPS and Dedicated Servers

11.1. Basic administration includes:
11.1.1. initial installation, reinstallation and configuration of the operating system;
11.1.2. OS update;
11.1.3. installation of the control panel;
11.1.4. installation and basic configuration of basic services (nginx, apache, mysql, php, postfix, proftpd, bind);
11.1.5. installation of additional software (ffmpeg, mp4box, memcached, mongo, openvpn etc.);
11.1.6. assistance and advice in diagnosing and solving performance issues of basic services;
11.1.7. basic optimization of the services;
11.1.8. transferring websites from other servers;
11.1.9. backup configuration;
11.1.10. antivirus scan of the system.
11.2. All problems are addressed upon the client's inquiry in the order of submission and the order of priority.
11.3. Administered operating systems: Linux and FreeBSD.
11.4. Inquiries are accepted via ticket system or e-mail, specified in the billing section.
11.5. ISPsystem, cPanel, DirectAdmin products are administration only when acquiring the license through us.
11.6. Tasks not included in the basic administration service shall be performed for a fee at the rate of $10 USD per hour.
11.7. Administration is not available in tariff plans Mini VPS.
11.8. The free base administration may be denied if the configuration of the system was carried out not by our staff.

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