The test period of VPS

The test period is intended solely for educational purposes and to evaluate the quality of VPS, but not for the free use of our resources.

The virtual server provided for the test is no different from the paid VPS, it does not have any restrictions on the ports, channel or other resources.

To activate VPS for the test period, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. place an order for VPS, but do not pay the bill. Maximum server specifications: 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD;
  2. verify the phone number;
  3. create a ticket with a request to activate a test period in which to explain for what purpose the virtual server will be used, and also specify the domain(s) that will be hosted on this server (1)).

The duration of the test period is taken into account in invoice (2) and is 3 days. During this period it is necessary to pay the invoice for the service. Otherwise, the service will be automatically suspended and deleted the next day.

Administration is not provided until the bill is paid.

The test period is not paid if VPS did not suit the client for some reason. We will be grateful for informing us of all problems, if any arise.

  1. the server can only be activated on existing projects and cannot be activated for online gaming sites;
  2. for example, upon activation of the VPS test period on the 1st day, the server will be valid until the 4th, and after payment the service will work until the 30th.

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